What Are the Two Most Important Purposes of Estate Planning?

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Estate planning isn’t easy, and thinking of your own death may not be the most cheerful way to spend an afternoon. However, taking a few simple steps now can do a lot to protect your loved ones and yourself in the future. Estate planning serves many purposes, including reducing the tax burden on your estate, allowing flexibility in distributing your assets, and eliminating the likelihood of family disputes.

Some of the most important reasons for having an estate plan boil down to two main functions: protecting your beneficiaries when you die and protecting yourself if you become incapacitated.

How Does Estate Planning Protect My Beneficiaries?

In most states, individuals who die intestate, or without a will, are subject to having their estate go through the courts. This is known as probate and can be costly and time-consuming. Having an estate plan such as a will and trusts minimizes the court’s interference in your affairs, protecting the privacy, time, and money of your loved ones.

Creating a will is also a must for parents of young children. If both parents should die, your children would go to a home decided upon by the state. While this is usually a close family member, it might not be who you would have picked. Having a will in place gives you control over the guardianship of your children if the unthinkable should happen.

How Does Estate Planning Protect Me?

Estate planning is also helpful for you, not just your surviving family members. In an estate plan, we can create documents that protect you if you become unable to make your own decisions due to illness, injury, or age. For example, you can assign a trusted friend or relative as a power of attorney who may direct your affairs in the way you would wish.

You can also create an advanced directive that gives a trusted individual the authority to make healthcare decisions for you. This document can also inform healthcare professionals how you want to be treated.

Should You Hire Our Attorneys?

There are so many options when making an estate plan that it can all seem overwhelming. Please don’t feel like you have to go through this process alone. Reach out to our knowledgeable lawyers today for excellent legal counsel and representation when creating your estate plan.

We recognize that every family is different and that you have unique needs from any other client we may serve. We promise to listen carefully to your wishes so we can craft the perfect estate plan that matches your goals. Call today at (516)-928-6594 to schedule a free consultation.

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